Train fares for all trains departing from Ninh Binh

Train from Ninh Binh

To Train Name Hard Seat Soft Seat Hard Berth Soft Berth
Ha Noi Reunification Express Train - $10 $13 $15
Dong Hoi Reunification Express Train - $18 $25 $28
Hue Reunification Express Train - $24 $33 $37
Da Nang Reunification Express Train - $28 $41 $46
Nha Trang Reunification Express Train - $46 $66 $75
Ho Chi Minh Reunification Express Train - $51 $70 $79

Train from Ninh Binh by Tourist Train

To Train Name Hard Berth Soft Berth VIP Berth
Dong Hoi Laman Express Train - $75 $130
Hue Laman Express Train - $76 $132
Da Nang Laman Express Train - $80 $130



Train From Ninh Binh

The old Ninh Binh station was located just below the head of Ninh Binh bridge on the right bank of Day river. Formerly Ninh Binh station was a place to pick up, drop off passengers and goods of trains. The station is located on a land rich in cultural history and tourism potential. In front of the station is Canh Dieu mountain, the name of the mountain Ngoc My Nhan - beautiful girl like pearl. Behind the station is the river Van Sang - the River Bed May, the name was given to "commemorate" the meeting between Le Hoan - Le Dai Hanh to fight the battle back, to meet Empress Duong Van Nga in a dragon boat. The river welcomed him. During the anti-French period, the station was closed. The French army at Non Nuoc mountain, at Ninh Binh church right next to the station. Fighting America, Ninh Binh town station tried to withstand extremely fierce bombs. Ninh Binh station held its head up high, The station light was on, albeit a dim light. The train whistle still echoes against Canh Dieu cliff and several hundred iron wheels still rolling on two rails, passing through the station, pulling a horn, and then "kicking" to run to Cau Yen and Ghenh stations. Dong Giao station ... Military train, food, weapons, military equipment. The train unifying through Ninh Binh Bridge and Ninh Binh Station is described in the poem:

"The ship went under the rain of bombs;

Ninh Binh sounding young country horn. "

Ninh Binh City Railway Station is currently newly built, located in Nam Binh Ward, which is a large station with a scale of 2.5 times higher than the previous train and most passenger trains stop here.

From Ninhbinh, you can go to every where in Vietnam by train, special as Hanoi, Hue, Danang, Saigon...

Ninh Binh station is located 01, Hoang Hoa Tham street, Thanh Binh ward, Ninh Binh city.

With the Tourist train, If You receive the vourcher, you will have to arrive at their office at Station to reconfirm the train tickets before you get in the train. You will see the address and the guide on the vourcher and you are be at the office 1 hour before your departure.