Train from Nha Trang to Ha Noi

Departs Arrives Train No Hard Seat Soft Seat Hard Berth Soft Berth Action
03:56 05:55 Reunification Express Train SE2 (25hr 59min) - Book
02:57 05:30 Reunification Express Train SE4 (26hr 33min) - Book
23:30 04:25 Reunification Express Train SE6 (28hr 55min) - Book
13:46 19:12 Reunification Express Train SE8 (29hr 26min) - Book
04:17 09:20 Reunification Express Train SE12 (29hr 3min) - Book


• The railway from Nha Trang station to Hanoi station is about 1315 Kilometers. There are 6 trains including SE2, SE4, SE6, SE8, SE10 and SE12 (which belong to Reunification Express train) on this route. They daily depart and take about 25,5 to 27,5 hours (From Nha Trang to Hanoi or return). The seat types include the hard seat, the soft seat, hard berth (6 berths in a cabin) and the sort berth (4 berths in cabin) - From Soft Seat type to Soft Berth type, all carriages and cabins are air-conditioned with the comfortable seats/berths.

Nha Trang railway station :

Address :  17 Thai Nguyen, Phuoc Tan District, Nha Trang City 

Hanoi railway station :

Address :  120 Le Duan ward, Hoan Kiem District , Ha Noi City

The most attractive places to visit in Hanoi are not to be missed

  1. Ba Dinh - Uncle Ho's Mausoleum

If you have arrived in a land of thousands of years of civilization, the Uncle Ho's Mausoleum - Ba Dinh Square is a tourist destination in Hanoi that you cannot ignore. This is the political center of Vietnam with the National Assembly House, Presidential Palace, Ho Chi Minh Museum, ...


Uncle Ho's mausoleum is home to the remains of the beloved leader. Outside the mausoleum are rows of green bamboo. The mausoleum of the tomb is open on the morning of 3,4,5,7 and Sunday. You choose the hotel near Uncle Ho's Mausoleum for your sightseeing as well as trips. When visiting Uncle Ho's mausoleum, pay attention to dress modestly, do not bring electronic devices to record and keep order in the mausoleum.

Ba Dinh Square is the largest square in Vietnam, located on Hung Vuong street and in front of Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. This square is also the place to record many important imprints in Vietnamese history. In particular, on September 2, 1945, the President of the Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Democratic Republic of Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence giving birth to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. This is also the place where parades take place on the occasion of Vietnam's major holidays, and is also a place to visit, have fun and go for a walk of tourists and residents of Hanoi.

  1. Ho Guom

Sword Lake or Hoan Kiem Lake is one of the places to visit in Hanoi when traveling to the capital. Located in the middle of the center, Sword Lake is like the heart of this thousand-year-old city. The surface of the lake is like a large mirror reflecting ancient trees, willow trees, hairs, temples and ancient temples. , mossy old towers, new high-rise buildings rise into the blue sky.


An interesting experience for tourists is walking around the lake, you will see an ancient but still full of modern Hanoi. Next to the lake are architectural works such as But tower, Nghien tower, The Huc bridge leading to Ngoc Son temple, King Le Thai To temple, Hoa Phong tower, ...

  1. Hanoi Old Quarter - attractive tourist destination

If you want to learn about the life, culture and people of Trang An, do not miss the old town - one of Hanoi's tourist attractions full of interesting and attractive to visitors. Hanoi Old Quarter is located in the west and north of Hoan Kiem Lake, which is home to the densely populated area with 36 streets. Each street here mainly focuses on selling a certain type of item. Wandering in the neighborhood and enjoying the old town cuisine such as Bat Dan pho, La Vong grilled fish, Manh bun noodle, Dinh Liet zebra noodles, O Quan Chuong cold snail noodles, ... will make your trip more memorable. great number of! Choose from many Old Quarter hotels to enjoy the cuisine here.


  1. Literature Temple - Quoc Tu Giam

If you name the most famous tourist destinations in Hanoi in the past and now everyone will probably think of Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam. This is a leading architectural and cultural complex and the pride of the people of the capital when referring to the thousand-year-old tradition of Thang Long - Dong Do - Hanoi.


Temple of Literature Quoc Tu Giam is considered a symbol of knowledge, of Vietnamese education. This is a place of worship for the saints, masters of the Confucianism and the Quoc Tu Giam, Chu Van An, a private teacher, a typical teacher of the high and virtue of Vietnamese education.

  1. Hanoi Cathedral

Located at 40 Nha Chung Street, Hang Trong Ward, the Cathedral is one of the interesting destinations in Hanoi, a place to visit not only for believers but also a familiar place for young people and tourists. quadrilateral calendar. The church is designed in the style of medieval European Gothic architecture with high walls, arches and many windows.


Inside the church, the sanctuary is carved with wooden patterns painted with gold veneers and combined with the stained-glass painting system. It feels like standing in an ancient castle with classical music, surely you are really want to try it.

  1. Tran Quoc Pagoda

Tran Quoc Pagoda is one of the oldest temples in Hanoi and Vietnam, located on a southern peninsula of West Lake, near the end of Thanh Nien Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi. Once a Buddhist center of the Thang Long citadel in the Ly and Tran dynasties with historical and architectural values, Tran Quoc Pagoda is famous as the sacred Buddha's gate, which attracts many Buddhists. , visitors, domestic and foreign tourists.


In early 2017, Tran Quoc pagoda was listed in the list of 16 most beautiful temples in the world voted by Daily Mail (UK). Visit Tran Quoc Pagoda, make sure you will be amazed at the quiet space, the poetic beauty of the "lotus" floating on the surface of West Lake.

  1. West Lake - interesting tourist attraction in Hanoi

West Lake is one of the famous sights of Hanoi capital, this is considered a "giant stage reflecting clouds of sky and city landscape". The scenery along the West Lake is extremely poetic and dreamy. Surrounding the lake are rows of tall, straight green trees, and flower beds and green lawns growing around have created a special setting for the West Lake.


What makes a special feature for the West Lake, distinguishing it from other lakes in Hanoi is not only the scenery but also the water color. The colors of the water each season have changed miraculously and spectacularly according to the weather, sometimes green, gray, then morning and evening ... And the scenery of West Lake is most vividly sublime perhaps at the moment. At the end of the day - when the sunset falls over the landscape, the blur of the street lights into the water creates an extremely magical and romantic scene.

  1. Hanoi Opera House

Located at No. 1 Trang Tien, the Opera House is one of the beautiful tourist destinations in Hanoi with many historical landmarks. This is the venue for major art programs of many leading singers and artists in Vietnam. Visitors can admire the magnificent architecture of the Opera House or buy tickets to see one of the regular shows held to see the magnificent interior of the theater.


  1. Hoa Lo prison

Hoa Lo Prison was built by the French colonialists in 1896 with the name "Maison Central", a place to keep revolutionary soldiers against the colonial regime. This was one of the most solid buildings in Indochina at that time. After the liberation of the capital, the prison was placed under the revolutionary government. From 1963 to 1975, this place was also used to house American pilots who were shot down by the Vietnamese army during the war to destroy the North. Today Hoa Lo Prison has become a special historical site with many valuable documents on display and carefully maintained, attracting thousands of domestic and foreign tourists to visit each year.


  1. Hanoi flagpole

The Hanoi Monument, better known as the Hanoi Flag Tower, is located within the grounds of the Vietnam Military History Museum. Considered to be the most intact and majestic construction in the complex of Thang Long Imperial Citadel, Cot Co is a tourist attraction in Hanoi that visitors can not ignore in the journey to discover the history of the land Hà Thành.


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CHILDREN PRICES (for Reunification Express Train only)

• Under 3 years:  Travel free

• From 3 to under 9 years old (and shorter than 1.3m):  Price will be 75% of adult price for the North - South trains and and vice versa. 

But for Tourist trains such as Hanoi - Sapa and vice versa, no children ticket are offered. they have to buy full tickets like the adults!

• Over 9 years old: 100% of adult price.


• Carry-on Bags: The train cabins are allowed to carry baggages which do not exceed the weight limitation of 20 kgs of adults and 10 kgs of children. This baggages must be wrapped neatly and reliably.